Thursday, March 13, 2014

Knowledge vs. Experience

Spiritual Parallels Physical = Great Learning Tool for Me
God teaches me about the spiritual realm as I live in/through the physical. I see the parallels all the time, and could go on..and on...but lately I've been thinking most about the similarities of having a strong core.

As I grow in my core strength physically, everything else in my body works better. It's the same with God - Jesus is my Core, and when my relationship grows with Him, I can better handle whatever happens in life.

Sure, I've lived quite a while without properly engaging my inner core. I'd heard a LOT about the importance and benefits of "having a strong inner core" and "exercises to strengthen my inner core" ...I knew about the concept and could explain it to you, I just never experienced it!  I completed (consistent!) "core workouts" - still completed the movement that my brain told my body to do, but used other muscles to get 'er dun. Now that I am getting better at using my core, my body works better, and I have a ridiculous amount more power. Even my coach commented after a workout a while back, "Was that you? :)"

Of course, I'm thrilled to learn how to have an ultra dose of power during training/racing! ...but infinitely more important to me is to have Jesus at my inner Core. When I live my life with my inner Core activated with Jesus, it does not mean everything in life turns to smooth sailing (!), it just means that He is always strong and can use my weaknesses when I live my life engaged in the point that others who know me well & know all my shortcomings might say, "Was that you?"